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What's New at Nakamura Acupuncture

New Additions to Nakamura Acupuncture in Westminster!

Cynthia Nobriga, L.Ac., is the newest acupuncturist at Nakamura Acupuncture. Cynthia is a Diplomat of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and we are so excited to have her. We'd also like to introduce our newest support staff members Lori Craig and Dannielle Wolff.

New Location to Nakamura Acupuncture!

We are so excited to announce three locations for Nakamura Acupuncture. Setsuko Nakamura, L.Ac., opened her own clinic in Poway, CA, at the beginning of 2015. Please check out our updated contact us page for details.

New Additions to Nakamura Acupuncture!

Setsuko Nakamura, L.Ac., is the newest member of Nakamura Acupuncture. Setsuko is a second generation Japanese acupuncturist and we are so excited to have her. We'd also like to introduce our newest support staff member Remy Truong. Remy is currently an acupuncture student at South Baylo University.

Testimonials from Many of Our Clients!

This time, we have many of our clients doing the talking about their experiences with Nakamura Acupuncture. There's nothing like a personal testimony, and throughout the site, we're sharing some of them.


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Acupuncture Testimonials

"For 2 years I had locked shoulders (post surgery) with excruciating pain and lack of motion. My doctor placed me on medication, and I went to rehab for 1 1/2 years with some improvement but still no end in site. The doctor perform surgery one shoulder and it didn't solve the problem. So as a last resort I located Hiro via his website. From our first visit I had a significant reduction in pain and increase shoulder mobility. It was remarkable to say the least. It's now been 3 months and we have come so far. My pain level is down by 80% and my flexibility has improved to almost normal. I highly recommend Hiro. He makes you feel so comfortable and really pays attention to how you are doing."
—G.S., Laguna Niguel




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